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Natural Apple Chips

Our apple chips are made from fresh picked apples, we then dehydrate and pack in flavor-saving airtight packaging. We offer both natural and cinnamon flavors. All natural, no additives or preservatives. Enjoy this natural, healthy treat!

“I purchased some apple chips through a school fundraiser, they are sooooo good.”


“My wife and I recently bought some of your products through a fundraiser for my son’s school. We absolutely love your Cinnamon Just Apples Apple chips, and are interested in ordering more. A lot more.”


“Last year our high school held a De Simone Fundraiser. Your apple chips are beyond amazing.”


“Purchased some of your Cinnamon Apple Chips in error. Love them!!!!!!!!!!!”


“We were recently in Vernon and purchased some of your Okanagan Apple Chips. They are spectacular.”


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